Friday, May 6, 2011

J'ai le Coeur Gros

Sitting next to roomie on the car ride home and contemplating how nothing lasts. The nature of the world is change and all we can do is find joy in each moment and move to the next. It's hard, though. It's hard not to want to cling to something that seems so perfect. It's hard not be afraid of the mysteries that lie ahead and to cling to what came before. It is hard to enjoy the present moment without anchoring it to the past and aiming it to the future. Chicago was lovely. Sunshine and laughter and giggles and great times and unexpected surprises and not enough sleep. Lace tights and denim cutoffs. Deep dish cheese-stuffed pizza (sorry veganesque lifestyle, I cheated). Live music and strong coffee and great friends. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. Here's to the present moment, and to closing my eyes for a few moments of rest.

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